Born in Beijing (China), raised in Hamburg (Germany) and 

educated at Berkeley (USA)

About Me


My Experience

Studied, worked and lived in 8 countries while taking any job from call-center to translation to public service to support my single mother, ultimately leading to a Masters Degree at UC Berkeley which directed me into product/program management and operations in technology, and building startups from the ground up leading to my current role at Lucid as founder and CEO. This shaped my belief that nothing is impossible in life.


My Skillset

I am a creative self-starter and engineer who takes pride in achieving ambitious results through teamwork in order to make a difference in this world through technology. I love marketing and strategizing around products and branding to go to market and directly impact the consumer. In my current role I am responsible for fundraising (raised more than $10M+), hiring (built teams of 50+) and sales (closed $5M+ deals). 


My Ambitions

I am a stronger believer in achieving balance between career, health and relationships to reach happiness. Therefore I work towards continuously challenging myself in all three areas to take myself to the next level with the main purpose to learn and grow. Life is not about money, or status or fame but purely about finding fulfillment, inner confidence and happiness while removing your own ego.


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